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      Alazar here! He is looking forward to working with you all! Although he was born and raised in Ethiopia, he only recently became an Ethiopian American after moving here 12 years ago, he speaks three languages so you might hear a slight country foreign accent from being in Tennessee for so long. He recieved his Bachelor's degree in exercise science from Middle Tennessee State University in December of 2022. He is an ISSA-certified personal trainer who is passionate about health and wellness. In college, he ran cross-country and track for three years as an NCAA Division 1 athlete, in these days he likes to lift weights, do calisthenics, and go hiking. He really believes that if we can learn to adapt to remaining active, flexible, and stress-free, our bodies can do wonders. His goal at Stretch lab is utilizing his skillset and knowledge in human structure and movement to prevent injury, improve athletic performance, and improving mobility so that you can enjoy life more! He wants to become a physical therapy assistant in the future, so he is hoping that working at the stretch lab and getting to help others with one-on-one stretches would help him develop personally.
      Lead Flexologist
      Hannah is the Lead Flex at Stretch Lab Murfreesboro. She found Stretch Lab after she took a step away from being a Chiropractic Therapy Assistant. She wanted to try something closer to the physical therapy side of things and was happily surprised when she found a Stretch Lab in her hometown! She immediately fell in love with the company and found a new way to help change people's lives for the better. She loves working with this amazing team and gaining new knowledge for her craft everyday! She is pretty easy to talk to and will most likely greet you with, "How ya'll doin' today?!" She loves Jesus, her plants, hibachi, and all things Karate Kid or Disney! She believes stretching can make an impact worth chasing and if you're ready to make the move then she is ready to work with you! She looks forward to meeting you in the studio!
      She is a Tennessee native, born and raised. She currently attends ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) where she has already obtained her Personal Trainer Certification and currently working on her Nutritionist Certification, Strength and Conditioning Certification, Yoga Instructor Certification, and her Glute Specialist Certification. Overall health and fitness has ALWAYS been near and dear to her heart especially going through her own health struggles and finding her passion in this field so unexpectedly. She is VERY EXCITED to bring her expertise to a studio near you. She became a Flexologist because of her passion for overall wellbeing. Her goal is to help others feel comfortable and confident within their bodies. She has learned that a strong body requires a strong mind. StretchLab has opened a new avenue which allows her to combine her passion for fitness and overall wellbeing to individuals which helps those within she community work on becoming the best feeling versions of themselves in many different ways physically and spiritually. She must add a world with all work and no play would be no fun, so some of her hobbies and interests include weightlifting, yoga, meditating, painting, creating Cricut projects or pretty much anything arts and crafts, hiking, poetry, reading educational books, watching movies and reality TV shows, listening to educational podcast, roller skating, and many other activities. A fun fact about her is that she is a dog mom to her 7 year old beagle named Simba, he’s absolutely spoiled! She looks forward to helping you along your journey!
      Stephanie was born and raised in "Sweet Home (Tuscaloosa) Alabama" and has lived in Rutherford County for the past 25 years. She has an impressive background in nursing and is currently the Nursing Supervisor for a busy pediatric primary care clinic. She has goals of promoting wellness for adults, adolescents and children throughout these various stages in life. She is expanding her training and expertise through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and is currently working on her certifications as a yoga instructor, nutrition consultant, with focuses in personal training and strength and conditioning. She has a genuine passion for helping others and having faced her own struggles and challenges, she has found a deep love for promoting health and wellness. Flexology is a wonderful blend for her natural skills of helping others achieve their best health and wellness goals. She uses her gentle approach and skills in the Stretch Lab, which will help others to feel comfortable as they accomplish their goals, relieve stress and improve their mobility during their workouts. Her interests and hobbies include swimming, hiking, working out, going to church, spending time with her children, traveling and watching football (Roll Tide!). Fun fact is that she has seven beautiful children and seven grandchildren. She continues to raise three of them at home and one of the three has special needs. She also owns and operates a Satellite Nutrition Club. Overall, she is excited to help you along your fitness and wellness journey!

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      A 25 or 50 minute one-on-one stretch customized to your specific needs, focusing on problem areas or targeting certain muscle groups.


      Let's get your friends and family on the bench so they can experience the StretchLab difference in their lives! We'll email your friends for you and invite them in for an Intro stretch. When your referral signs up for a membership you will both get a $25 retail gift credit!
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      StretchLab is revolutionizing one-on-one assisted stretching and flexibility training classes. In your 25 or 50 minute one-on-one session, you will work with one of our trained flexologists who will guide you through a series of stretches custom designed for your specific needs. No matter what your range of motion or fitness level is, we have a solution for you. Our group stretches are Flexologist led and will help to increase your flexibility and improve your range of motion.
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