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      Suzanne S
      Suzanne S
      Suzanne is an ACE certified exercise instructor and yoga teacher with over 30 years experience serving people with chronic and acute medical conditions. She graduated from Concordia College/Moorhead with a BA in social work and psychology where she taught faculty and student exercise classes. An avid outdoors person, Suzanne is often at the cabin or by a campfire with her dogs and (almost adult) children. Her outdoors experience includes spending 18 days in Glacier National Park where she learned not to fear bears or mountains lions but to fear the dreaded squirrel. Suzanne 's love of music and movement has inspired her to encourage people to move in any way they can. She loves working at StretchLab because she enjoys helping people improve their daily lives. She believes that movement and stretching can help relieve the symptoms of many medical conditions as well as prevent them.
      Matt S
      Matt S
      Matt has a degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota where he was a member of the Golden Gopher basketball team. He is also a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine. Matt became a Flexologist to help people alleviate chronic pain and get back to doing more of what they love. Matt lives in Apple Valley with his wife and two young sons. A fun fact about Matt is he loves comic books and listening to all sorts of music.
      Samantha R.
      Samantha R.
      Samanatha has her 4 year degree in Exercise Science from University of St. Thomas. She is continuing her education and love of learning by working on her Masters in Strength and Conditioning from Arizona State University. Sam loves working at StretchLab Eagan because she enjoys being able to teach members about the importance of mobility, injury prevention, and all of the benefits of stretching. Outside of StretchLab you can find her either working out or training athletes. A fun fact about me is that I love cars. My dad has been taking me to car shows since I was little, and my dream car is a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

      Our Stretch Services

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      Group Stretch

      Group Stretches are led by one of our highly trained Flexologists who will guide you through a series of stretches and teach proper stretch tool use.

      One on one session with a Flexologist

      One on One

      A 25 or 50 minute one-on-one stretch customized to your specific needs, focusing on problem areas or targeting certain muscle groups.


      Let's get your friends and family on the bench so they can experience the StretchLab difference in their lives! We'll email your friends for you and invite them in for an Intro stretch. When your referral signs up for a membership you will both get a $25 retail gift credit!
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      StretchLab is revolutionizing one-on-one assisted stretching and flexibility training classes. In your 25 or 50 minute one-on-one session, you will work with one of our trained flexologists who will guide you through a series of stretches custom designed for your specific needs. In our innovative group sessions – no matter what your range of motion or fitness level is, we have a solution for you. Our group stretches are Flexologist led and will help to increase your flexibility and improve your range of motion.
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